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School Days English Dub Episode 1 Confession HD
School Days English Dub Episode 1 'Confession' Episode 2: This video was taken from On a train ride to school, Makoto Ito, a first-year high school student, takes notice of Kotonoha Katsura, an attractive schoolmate who he finds commutes with him. Infatuated with but unable to approach her, he sets his cellphone wallpaper with her photograph as a charm, content with watching her from afar. During the rearrangement of homeroom, Sekai Saionji, his new desk partner, notices the picture, and offers to help get the two of them together. Through her they become friends, and it is shortly after that Makoto confesses to Kotonoha. That afternoon, waiting for her at a train stop with Sekai, Makoto thanks her for helping him, offering whatever he can in return. As a train pulls in, Sekai turns to kiss him on the lips, skipping into an open passenger car and bidding the dumbstruck boy luck with his new girlfriend.