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Relaxing Narnia music
A compilation of calm and relaxing tracks composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and David Arnold, for the movies The Chronicles of Narnia. Perfect to chill, sleep, or study. I do not own the music nor the pictures of this video. Tracklist : The lion, the witch and the wardrobe 0:00 The wardrobe 2:34 Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus 6:45 Evacuating London 8:31 From western woods to Beaversdam 12:03 Father Christmas 14:36 The stone table 15:59 Knighting Peter Prince Caspian 17:49 Journey to the how 19:35 Arrival at Aslan's how 22:06 The kings and queens of Narnia The voyage of the Dawn Treader 25:33 Opening title 26:41 Repicheep 27:41 Under the stars 30:35 Lucy and the invisible mansion 31:50 Eustace on the deck 33:01 The calm before the storm 34:49 Ship to shore Thanks for watching ! Links of the pictures : Lucy and the street lamp : Aslan, Susan and Lucy : Aslan and Lucy, Prince Caspian : The Dawntreader : Magician's map, Dawntreader :[email protected]/7643629742/ EDIT: 100K views ! Wow ! I would have never thought that this video would go so far... This is thanks to all Narnia and music lovers. Thank you, dear community ! Thank you, dear viewers ! May Aslan watch upon you all ;)