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Relaxing Music - peaceful, positive, smooth, light music [Season 1 Best Of]
A relaxing music experience: This is a compilation of light and smooth music from my album Season 1, the CD version. Peaceful and positive tunes you can use as music for relaxation, for studying, while working or simply to enjoy. All tracks you can hear in this mix are represented on my channel already, but not in this kind of mix, promoting my CD (the best of) ‘Season 1’, available only here: Hope you enjoy this version, Have a great time, Michael (music and video creator) ► You can help me creating more relaxing music by joining me on Patreon: ► For more videos (and my 24/7 music stream) subscribe to my channel: (tick the notification bell to get notified about new music!) ► Most of my tunes are also available on streaming and download services like YouTube Music Key, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon. Thank you for your support there. ► Try also my ‘Deep Focus’ playlist (music for studying, concentration and work): Thank you for watching, listening, liking and loving, sharing and commenting! Thank you for being a fan! ©2018,