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Light Instrumental Music - easy, relaxing, background - Season 4
Listen to a wonderful, 2h long relaxing music mix. This is light instrumental music with an easy, smooth and relaxing attitude. A background music and video mix I created using my own releases from the last 365 days. For more music, mixes and playlists visit my website or my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy this one, Michael (relaxdaily musician) This "Season 4" (long mix) video represents all 18 pieces of music I was able to create during the fourth year of my relaxdaily project in a two hour long music mix. Latest relaxdaily music creations: Latest relaxdaily piano sessions: Relaxdaily BTS (behind the scenes): The relaxdaily channel: A way to support what I do: Find 'relaxdaily' music also on Spotify, Apple Music and selected music services. © music and video: 2014-2015 relaxdaily. All rights reserved. Be yourself!