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Light & Easy Background Music - Season 3
A light instrumental music mix by relaxdaily. 2 hours of relaxing background music with an easy feel for you to relax, for your work or study music playlist, for being creative or recharging. This "Season 3" music mix represents all 16 pieces of music (relaxdaily N°074 to N°089) I was able to create during the 3rd year of my relaxdaily project in a two hour long music mix. The very simple video shows some grass waving in the wind at the northern coast of Mallorca, a beautiful Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. I filmed this for you in May 2014. Have a wonderful week! Michael (relaxdaily musician) Latest relaxdaily music creations: Latest relaxdaily piano sessions: Relaxdaily BTS (behind the scenes): The relaxdaily channel: A way to support what I do: Find 'relaxdaily' music also on Spotify, Apple Music and selected music services. © music and video: 2014 relaxdaily. All rights reserved. Be yourself!