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Inspiring Light Music - calm, relaxing, positive - relaxdaily N°089
Another original, calm, inspiring and positive instrumental music piece. This is relaxdaily N°089. Music e.g. for relaxing, in the background while working or studying, for thinking, creating, dreaming, meditating or simply for one of your smooth music playlists. N°089 is my latest track, which also is the last one of what I call “Season 3”, the 3rd year of my relaxdaily project. The footage consists of some of my very first clips I shot with my then new DSLR for this project in the summer of 2012, showing the little alpine lake Blindsee in Austria, in the very morning around 7am. Hope you enjoy, Good energy to you! Michael (relaxdaily music creator) Latest relaxdaily music creations: Latest relaxdaily piano sessions: Relaxdaily BTS (behind the scenes): The relaxdaily channel: A way to support what I do: Find 'relaxdaily' music also on Spotify, Apple Music and selected music services. © music and video: 2014 relaxdaily. All rights reserved.