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How I Joined Game Theory
New FootofaFerret MERCH! ► SUBSCRIBE for Brief Histories and More! ► History Of GAME THEORY ► Last Time on A BRIEF HISTORY ► I talk about a lot of YouTubers on this channel. But after 6 years of Brief Histories, I've not told you guys much about myself. Well, I wanna change that! So this week, I wanna tell you guys the story of how I became part of one of my favorite channels on YouTube and, as a result, made YouTube my career! #GameTheory #MatPat #MatthewPatrick #GameTheorists #ABriefHistory #FootofaFerret MORE BRIEF HISTORY! - Game Theory (Old) ► - Five Nights At Freddie's ► - Chrono Trigger (Ft. MatPat) ► - PewDiePie ► Follow me on Twitter ► @FootofaFerret Character art by Gregzilla ► Thanks for watching & DFTBA! :)