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How a NASA Science Flight is No Ordinary Journey
A group of scientists and pilots conducted a series of science flights over Western Colorado for a new five-year NASA-led airborne mission called SnowEx. SnowEx is exploring better ways to measuring how much water is stored in snow-covered regions with the goal of eventually creating a future snow satellite mission. More accurate snow measurements will help scientists and decisions-makers better understand our world’s water supply and better predict floods and droughts. Data acquired from the SnowEx campaign will be stored at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, and will be available to anyone to order at no cost, as is the case with all NASA data. This video is public domain and along with other supporting visualizations can be downloaded from the Scientific Visualization Studio at: Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Joy Ng Music credits: “Time Shift Equalibrium” by Ben Niblett [PRS] and Jon Cotton [PRS} from Killer Tracks Music If you liked this video, subscribe to the NASA Goddard YouTube channel: Or subscribe to NASA’s Goddard Shorts HD Podcast: Follow NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center · Facebook: · Twitter · Flickr · Instagram · Google+