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Fault Line Cake | Russian tip Flowers
Fault Line Cake | Russian tip Flowers Hello there! I’m creating the famous Fault Line cake with Russian tip flowers that made of butter cream frosting .... Most of the fault line cakes created by other decorator are white pink lavender .... for me I love them to be with black fault line to enhance the middle design which is the Russian flowers with gold lining on it ...... this cake perfect for birthdays Mother’s Day anniversary etc etc Hope you like and enjoy the simple video Thanks for watching Pls follow me on my..... instagram account : Butter cream frosting ingredients 500 grams room temp unsalted butter 1000 grams icing sugar 1/2 cup full fat milk 1 tsp vanilla Procedure Cream the butter for 5min or until light and fluffy Add the sifter icing sugar Combine milk and vanilla then add next to icing sugar Mix it using heavy duty mixer in a medium to high speed for 2-3 min or until its lighten the color Follow me Instagram account: Email add : https://[email protected] From Philippines living in kuwait Salmiya block 4, road 9 al-dimna St., Kuwait music non copyright: