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Endgame Theory: Reversing The Snap Made Things WORSE
Was reversing the "Snap" in Avengers: Endgame a mistake in the grand scheme of things? Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos: At first glance -- Avengers: Endgame seems to have a relatively happy ending. Thanos was defeated, the actions of the snap have been reversed, and a ton of heroes have been brought back from the dust. Sure, we lost Iron Man and Black Widow along the way -- but it was all for a greater cause -- or was it? Instead of going back to the moment before the snap and preventing it from happening, our Avengers reversed the actions of the snap FIVE years in the future. While the snap may have taken just a second -- and dealt some damage to Hulk’s arm -- there are some MAJOR implications and impacts which could make the whole thing EVEN worse than when Thanos did it in the first place? Don’t believe us? Well, let’s go on a journey beyond the story of our heroes to dive deep into the implications of returning half of ALL LIFE into the universe. Who can forget the montage of happy moments during the final moments of Endgame. Scott Lang sits with a resurrected Hope and his daughter -- who is now five years older. And then there’s the shot of Peter Parker -- after traveling through space and turning to dust for five years, he seemingly returns to his normal high school life, meeting up with Ned like nothing happened. While these moments may seem cheerful, happy, and optimistic, the reality of reversing the snap FIVE YEARS after the original comes with some major consequences. As shown when Hulk reversed the snap back and we see life return in the form of a tree and some flying creatures, confirming that the snap eliminated more than just humans -- it wiped out half of ALL living things. Our Social Media: Our Website