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Hi everyone, my name is Heather. I am self taught, I am not a professional. I have been cutting my own hair since 2013. Takes a lot of practice, trial and error. (Please read more below) In this video, I am cutting my hair from a full mid neck bob length to an undercut with a fade. I have had very short hair since 2012, I haven't cut my hair in 6 months prior to this video. I wanted to grow my hair out for a little bit for something different but I always love my hair underneath cut short, it's so much easier to deal with. So I went back for the undercut. Enjoy. :) Please try this at your own risk. Watch me cut my hair from this haircut to a faux hawk here: Watch my tutorial on how I style my hair with my pomade here: My Instagram: I am using the Self Cut System (travel version) 3 way mirror to cut my hair so I can see everything perfectly. If you are going to cut or style your hair at home I highly recommend this. Email/Business | [email protected]