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DIY| Hair Wrap Extensions (3 Styles)
First thing on the agenda for Lightning In A Bottle inspired tutorials? HAIR WRAP EXTENSIONS! These babies were a staple of my youth every summer. I remember every time I went to an amusement park I would get a hair wrap in my hair done and would wear it till school started up again. I had a few dilemmas with them though. One, I always dreaded how long the braiding process took, and two, the fact that I had to cut that hard work off when I could no longer have it in. So what's the next best thing? EXTENSIONS BABY! What I love about having extensions is one, it's so much easier to create them in front of you vs. trying to do them on your own hair and not being able to see what you're even doing half of the time. Another aspect that I love is the fact that I can put them in whenever I want and remove them when I need to go back to 'normal' life/duties. Overall this tutorial is extremely easy, does take a little bit of time braiding the whole extension, but remember, once you're done, you can have it FOREVER! Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial as much as I did, I made over 10 new styles just the other night! Sending all of you lots of love and light, XOXO - Drea :: MATERIALS :: Micro Pony Braids Snap Clips Yarn Dreadlock Type Yarn Embroidery Thread (aka Friendship Bracelet Thread) Beads/ Shells/Charms Feathers Hot Glue Gun Scissors ▷Have you seen my previous video? DIY| Festival Makeup (Drugstore Products) here: ▷SUBSCRIBE to my channel » for a new video every week! ▷My ETSY Shop: ▷BLOG » TWITTER » FACEBOOK » INSTAGRAM » PINTEREST » SNAPCHAT » @FancyMade ▷ Music provided by Audio Network