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Could SpaceX's BFR replace traditional airliners?
With SpaceX announcing the BFR's first official mission to the moon, the possibility of Earth to Earth travel seems a little bit closer. In this video, we look at what needs to be done before Earth to Earth rocket travel can replace the traditional airliners that we use today. We also compare the dawn of passenger rocket travel to the early days of airplanes. Thanks for watching this Primal Space video. If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe so you can see more videos like this! Support Primal Space by becoming a Patron! Special thanks to these creators for their aviation footage! CathayA340 - Cloudsurfing - David Hynes Top Banana Productions - DutchPlaneSpotter - FlightExperience - Twitter: Music used in this video: » Please - Wayne Jones » Muffled Tines - Roljui » New Land - ALBIS » Ambient Music - Music Master » Angelic Forest - Doug Maxwell » Infinite Perspective - Kevin MacLeod