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4 Ways 1 Thing
Download the app that lets you buy products just by the amount of steps you take. Click the link to get a headstart of some free coins:- 4 ways 1 thing - STYLUS 1) Foil Tip: The most common method. Just roll the foil paper on the pen or pencil and make the end flat. While using remember to touch the finger on the foil. 2) Cotton Tip: In this method you have to take a cotton wrap a metal wire on it and then attach the whole setup on to a pen body. Before using dampen the cotton with slight water. Also while using always touch the wire with your finger. 3) Curved Tip: This is kind of no work method. All you need is a metal pen with a curved end. 4) Rubber Tip: For this method you will need a special rubber tip. Then you attach it with your pen and use it. Link for the rubber tip: - - For more videos like this subscribe to my channel: LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE.